5 N.J. Kids Fall Prey To An Unusual Inflammatory Disease Associated With Coronavirus 


Coronavirus outbreak is creating a lot of problems for everyone. And in the same to see something there considering to health is a bit difficult task to do. 

Recently, inflammatory syndrome link to the coronavirus has forced at least five New Jersey children to be hospitalized. This news has been confirmed recently Van five children which are from the age of 6 to 12 has arrived at Bristol-Myers Squibb children’s hospital in Brunswick.


They are there with symptoms like Kawasaki disease which is the disease in which inflammation of blood vessels. Then immediately treated in the Intensive Care Unit for serious cardiac issues but things will figure out, they are among the ones who are facing coronavirus. 

When the test has done to all the five children, it came out to be positive. It is quite difficult for everyone to accept that how this could be possible. But this is the truth and for the test is going on. Dr. Jennifer also gets agrees to the report about all the children.


Five children came to the hospital having coronavirus positive and in all of them, 2 are discharged because they got recovered and 3 are still in the Intensive Care Unit. Everyone knows about the Kawasaki disease for a long time in pediatrics but it is not common to see. It is there to see because these days coronavirus outbreak is letting everyone to face unnecessary issues. 

Therefore people must maintain every particular kind of protection to get rid of the problem. The changes are immediate and no one can notice them in a first go. It is necessary to go for a particular testing so that a doctor will be able to reach any particular conclusion.


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