GTA 6: 10 Vice City Characters Fans Would Love to See Again

Any game developer that has near to hundred percent fan supporting its rock star.
A million years ago, GTA 5 came out, and yet it is maintaining its grasp on the list of highest-selling video games now. The one unique component of GTA is a rockstar ability to make iconic and memorable characters.

Here are the ten characters from the original Vice City that fans love to see in GTA6.

1. Cortez:-Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. The handsome, charming, elder statement that gives us a leg up to begin the journey in Vice city, but departed the game fast.

2. Mercedes Cortez:– U may have seen Mercedes in many titles already, but never mean that she isn’t worthy of a return should the franchise head back to the vice city.

3. Umberto Robina:– Danny Trejos “Umberto Robina” is everything you want and expect him to be.

4. Auntie Poulet:– This may be tough one, but in 2020 and with Grand Theft Auto, it is possible.

5. Mitch Baker:– Commanding respect from lead Tommy back in original, this biker offered a refreshing figure as in maturity and ethical code.

6. Kent Paul:– GTA6 is going to spread through many locals, it’s only right that we integrate a sprinkle of past characters who are much grounded.

7. Hove fist:– We all fantasized about living the rockstar lifestyle, and the epitome of that would be love fist.

8. Phil Cassidy:– Gunslinging, rootin’ tooting Phil Cassidy isn’t the deepest or most prophetic of individuals, but he’s straight-shooting crazier than anything.

9. Ricardo Diaz:– His lack of breathing at the moment might be an issue, but with the magic and time management, video games here the ability to bring back a character from anywhere.

10. Tommy Vercetti:– Classic radio, vibrant fluorescent colors, and sandy beaches. This is what springs to mind when thinking to the vice city but it wouldn’t be complete without an iconic shirt, bine jeans, and laid back power strut of one Tommy Vercetti.

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