Raptor Engine Test-Fired By SpaceX On Starship Test Rocket


For the first time, space X newest Starship prototype has fired its engine. It was potentially paving the way when it comes to testing a flight in every near future

The latest version of Space X is 14 and it is a mass colonizing Starship vehicle is a static fire. This happened Tuesday night there they lighting up it’s a signal Raptor engine briefly while it was remaining on the ground at the companies South Texas facilities.


On May 2020, The Starship SN4 passed to the static fire. This is a successful attempt and a second big milestone for the billionaire entrepreneurs in their quick succession. It is quite interesting to see how things are getting fixed and unscrewed test flight which musk has said that they will take a vehicle to a target altitude of about 500 feet (150 meters). Just one Starship prototype and things have been changed.

In the final operation, The Starship will support 6 Raptor engines and it will be operational and will be powerful enough so that it can launch itself off the moon and Mars. But when it comes to looking at the passenger spaceship it will be needed to getting off earth. It will launch from our planet surface at top of a giant rocket called superheavy it is powered by 31 Raptors.


The Starship and super heavy both are known to be fully and rapidly usable and there is no doubt in the same as well. It is also a must to see how things will be going to change after the landing here on earth shortly. NASA recently awarded SpaceX to develop Starship as a potential human learning system because of the program they used for lunar exploration. This is considered to be the biggest achievement all around.


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