2 More Tri-Cities Report Deaths Due To Coronavirus


In Franklin and Benton counties, two more cases of death have been reported on Thursday and the death occurred because of the Coronavirus.

It is quite devastated to know that earlier in this week 14 deaths were reported and now it brings a total of 64 deaths. Recently, as per the latest data where a woman in her 90s died in Benton county and a man of 70 years in Franklin County. Both of them were suffered this COVID-19. The number of deaths is increasing day by day and it is quite impossible to see such a situation. Whether the number is less or high but it is very devastated to see like this way people. Three people who have died underline health conditions were also dealing with Coronavirus. 

COVID-19 Treatment

Now it is a must for everyone that they are taking every particular precaution and maintaining social dispensing to an extent. In case there while eating the rules and they are just inviting problems to themselves only. Moreover, the people who are living in the Benton Franklin Health District area have the higher rates of asthma, obesity, and diabetes and all of them are contributing to Coronavirus risk factors, therefore, they must take every particular precaution for that they will not get in touch with it at all. 

In case they are not taking the precautions that will become difficult for them to live for a longer duration and no one can do anything to save them. Also four people are around 50 years in age died because of coronavirus and it is heartbreaking to see such a huge loss to the county.

COVID-19 Treatment

In all the death happen in tri-city is areas, 70% of people are linked with senior citizens. Now it is a must for people to know how they will be able to go to manage with the things and how they will be going to look forward to the precautions they can take. If they are not taking the precautions they are just inviting problem for their self only


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