84-Year-Old Georgia Granny Mugged And Robbed By Group Of Men Wearing Coronavirus Masks


Police in Atlanta said an 84-year-elderly person was ransacked in the day by men wearing careful covers. With the men on the run, the lady was hospitalized with broken bones.

How did it happen?

Dorothy Lamson, 84, had quite recently gotten a remedy at a CVS on Peachtree Road. Police said as Lamson was strolling on the walkway, somebody came up from behind her, thumped her to the ground, got her handbag and took off.

Lamson was hurried to the clinic

She endured a hairline crack in her lower arm and had such a large number of broken bones in her shoulder she needed to have a shoulder substitution.

Police found two men wearing the mask

Police looked into security video and discovered pictures of two men wearing careful veils in a dim 2018 or 2019 Honda Accord with a “drive out tag.” One of the men was gotten on camera with what had all the earmarks of being the lady’s handbag in his grasp.


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