Florida Man Charged For Murder, And Physically Abusing Woman In Front Of Her Child Decades After Committing Crime


Two Florida men were captured after specialists said they lethally shot a 16-year-old in the back over a Maryjane deal turned sour.

Lacharles Jean, 16, sent an Instagram message to a record named “Weed Connoisseur” and later went to the parking garage of a Deerfield Beach apartment suite to get the medications, as indicated by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Several security cameras captured the meeting

A few surveillance cameras caught the gathering among Jean and Conn Errico and Christopher Snyder, both 19. Jean punched Errico in the face and took off. Snyder got in the driver’s seat and Errico got in the traveler side of a Prius and they drove after Jean, shooting him in the back before hurrying ceaselessly, specialists said.

Errico was captured Wednesday, April 29, and blamed for pulling the trigger

Snyder was captured on March 27. Both are accused of homicide and are being held without bond.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Errico’s DNA and cellphone GPS put him at the wrongdoing scene.


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