Oklahoma Woman Charged After She Opened Fire Inside McDonalds That Left Injuring 4


Numerous workers were harmed in taking shots at a McDonald’s in Oklahoma City over the eatery’s COVID-19 lounge area strategy.

Police say

It began around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday when a lady entered the McDonald’s close S.W. 89th and Penn hoping to have the option to plunk down and eat. Due to COVID-19, workers told the lady that McDonald’s lounge areas are as yet shut.

The suspect would not leave and a physical fight followed between the suspect and a worker. The suspect left the store quickly, however, came back with a handgun. Police say she terminated roughly three adjusts in the eatery.

Four representatives were harmed, and three went to the clinic

One representative was hit in the arm, a second was hit with shrapnel in the neck/shoulder and a third worker was hit with shrapnel in the side. Two of the representatives are 16 years of age, as indicated by the police.

Authorities disclose to KFOR unique reports showed there were two suspects, be that as it may, it was later decided there was just one thing: 32-year-old Gloria Woody. She was found a couple of squares south of the McDonald’s and arrested without occurrence.

Woody is in guardianship on charges of threatening behavior, the New York Times reports.


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