Remains Of Human Found Inside A Plastic Container In Hotel’s Bathroom


Police arrested a 31-year-old person at hotel in Renton, Washington, on Tuesday after the quest for a missing man drove examiners to a body in the hotel’s restroom.


Renton cops made the arrest after they were called to the scene by an investigator from Mercer Island, who were searching for a 61-year-elderly person who hadn’t been seen since April 23.

The Mercer Island police “saw a foul smell” from one of the hotels and called Renton police, who arrived at the man in the room on the phone. The man, notwithstanding, would not let police inside, inciting them to acquire a court order.

Officials Found Human Remains In A Plastic Container

At the point when they executed the court order, they discovered human stays in a plastic container in the washroom.

Police have not yet decided the reason and way of the killing, nor have they identified the remaining parts.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, was arrested on charges irrelevant to the remaining parts “pending an assurance of the victims’ reason for death,” police said.

Renton is a suburb of Seattle along the southeastern shore of Lake Washington. Mercer Island is a city on an island of a similar name in the southern part of the lake.


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