Total War: Warhammer II Next DLC Will Arrive On May 21st

Total War: Warhammer II

Today, revealed by Sega and Creative Assembly that the next DLC content for Total War: War Hammer II will hit the screen on 21st May. The next DLC is called “The Warden and the Punch”, which will bring about two new legendary lords for the GreenSkins and High Elves races.

After waiting for a long time, there is an official announcement of the Creative Assembly that the next DLC for Total War: War Hammer II. Due to release in just within two weeks, “The Warder and the Punch” is going to bring interesting characters namely, Eltharion the Grim for the High Elves and Grom the Punch for the GreenSkins. Moreover, to the rest of its new content, the DLC is going to be launched alongside a major free update for the GreenSkin faction.

The High Elves will be having Eltharion the Grim as new Lord, to lead faction Yuresse. Eltharion features his unique mechanics based on the defense of his home territory, rather participating in the Vortex campaign. The primary mechanic will show to be the rebuilding of the stronghold of the Athel Tamara.

By interrogating captured enemy character and build structures to gain faction, vide bonuses. Also with Eltherion, the High Elves will be getting a range of new units. This thing will have fearsome lion Chariots of Chrace, Silver Guard, and the Arcane Phoenix.
For the GreenSkins, a corpulently obese Goblin rides the Chariot of Grome.

Total War: Warhammer II

His faction, Broken Axe, is going to feature great campaign mechanics which pit him from his long time foe in Yuresse. In this, Grome Cauldron, a system that agrees him to look recopies which permits major buffs for their armies. Definitely the GreenSkins will be getting a host of new units and regiments of renown.


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