Ventura County Asked To Clarify Its Claims Of Forcing People To Move From Homes To Coronavirus ‘Isolation Centers’

Ventura County coronavirus

On Wednesday, Ventura County officials were forced to apologize and clarify that those who could not isolate will not force to remove from their homes until, and unless there was a sign of coronavirus will be found in them. If the same happened then it will become impossible for them to deal with it.

Ventura County coronavirus

Recently, there was a video circulated over social media per the director of Ventura County Public Health, Dr. Robert Levin was speaking about their abroad supervision and how they are planning to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. They are looking forward to hire up 50 new people who will help them in contact tracing investigators and find the people who are having coronavirus. If any of them is find out to be having so then they will be isolated immediately.

Also there was a Press Conference on Wednesday where he admitted because of the poor messaging and said that the person who will be tested positive or identified by the officials are supposed to maintain a distance from another person and they will not forcibly remove from their home. People have taken his statement in the wrong way he did not mean to be so as mentioned in the conference. Also he says that he is very sorry for the going on the situation and because of the trouble created to people. 


Also all of the people who are available on social media go through the same apology given by him and they are looking forward to some changes in it. In case the same continued, then people will be going to take a strict action against it and they will not going to follow any particular Rule and regulation designed by them. it is necessary for a person to be sure about their words when it comes to such a tremendous situation.


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