NYPD Tremendously Ticketed Blacks And Latinos For Violating Social Distancing 

For social distancing violations in New York, more than 80% of people were issued summonses. All of them who get the same are people of color as it was released in a data on Friday. The Advocate confirms that the local elected leaders have clamored about the enforcement and started at 6 weeks ago.

In the data, it was revealed that 374 summonses are issued on March 16 to May 5 and also the average of 10 summonses a day over the 42 days.


It is quite disappointing to know that how things are changing a lot. An open letter to the blessed you were written by the Jewish community where they are expressing their disappointment an angle over the morning. Also they have mentioned how things are not working in their favor a lot. They were several people who were arrested are extraordinarily low and it is quite disappointing for everyone.

When it comes to look at the people who were arrested due to less the social dispensing violation as per the news released by Queens district attorney office told CNN is roughly around 20 people. 16 of them are defendants of black and Hispanic where to our Asian and 2 are white.


Now it is necessary to take particular actions so that things will get back as they were earlier and now people will be able to make things working according to the manner. Moreover, there was a statement announced where they have mentioned that their office will not be going to prosecuting social distancing address at all. No one must be violating the rules because if they are doing the same then they are violating the criminal justice crisis and also they are destroying the health crisis a lot.

Everyone wants that as soon as the amendment will be passed that will help them to get rid of the problem they are facing.

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