Recording-Breaking Astronaut Christina Koch On Building Space History And Existing Lengthy Isolation

Christina Koch

Before living for months in space, Christina Koch lived in Antarctica and Chris Hadfield lived at the bottom of the ocean, in a laboratory off the coast of Florida.

Astronauts didn’t get out much, or couldn’t, like a cabin surrounded by icy terrain and Hadfield 62 feet underwater. But experiments have proven useful. When they fired their missiles at the International Space Station, each on separate missions for months at different years, their brains were well versed in solitude.

Koch returned to Earth from her 328-day mission on the space station last month, breaking the record for a woman’s longest space flight, while Hadfield spent more than five months on the International Space Station from 2012 to 2013. The Station is like a group and Hadfield said Pressed Aluminum Bubbles appear to be living in the boiler room in the basement of a large building for an extended period.

They work every day with the same small group of people, and there is no way to leave. Their workspace is where they live. They are only connected with the people they love with the power of video chat.

Christina Koch

Now, amid a pandemic that has put millions of people in a strangely similar situation, astronauts maybe some of the most qualified people on the planet to advise on how to live in a socially distant world.

The big parallels with what people are going through right now is a huge, unknown, uncertain, and significant risk, said Hadfield, 60, a retired Canadian astronaut who served as commander of the space station. In 2013. It is not like a car driving on the highway. It is like something big, amorphous, and terrifying, and operating a rocket is very similar to that. There is a high and continuous level of danger, which is a kind of name and tranquility. We are far away, unable to return in an easy and physically separate way from all the 7.7 billion people.

So the question is, how do you deal with that?


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