Sioux Tribes Told By South Dakota Governor About Removing Covid-19 Checkpoints In 48 Hours 

Sioux Tribes

This Coronavirus outbreak let everyone to take the actions which they have not imagined in a dream as well. There were a lot of checkpoints available so that they can figure out whether the people are having coronavirus or not. Recently, the governor of South Dakota tells the Sioux tribe that they need to remove all the COVID-19 checkpoints before 48 hours. 

Sioux Tribes

The reason behind the same is because it is creating unnecessary problems for everyone and it is not letting others live their life peaceful as well. They have also mentioned that they are working strongest and together so that they will be able to fight against COVID-19 but it is necessary to maintain peace all around. It is necessary to remove all the checkpoints on highways and other places. If they have not done the same then click action should be taken against them.

Moreover it is being required important to do the same because unless it is an essential activity, no one can enter the state and come to the reservation at all. It is necessary that the things are working in the favor of every people and they are not facing any difficulty.

Moreover, there 169 cases of COVID-19 among the Native Americans in the state of Friday and the same have been reported by the department of health. In all of them, the state has confirmed 3145 cases and in all of them 35 is dead.

When the checkpoints announce, there was a memorandum offered by the US department where they were saying that it is a must for the tribes to consult and come to an agreement with the state of South Dakota before they will close or restrict the travels on US highways.


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