This 101 Year Old Woman Has Survived Spanish Flu And Coronavirus! Know Her Secret


Rose Leigh-Manuell is a blessed woman. The incredible great grandma is 101 years of age.

She Is A Blessed Woman

Her clinical staff at Good Samaritan/Catholic Health Services in Sayville trusts Leigh-Manuell’s quality and drive struggled and beat the coronavirus. In any case, she credits them.

“The specialists and medical caretakers, everyone taking magnificent car of me,” she said.

“The survival rate at 101 years of age when you contract the diseaseā€¦ I didn’t think she got an opportunity to survive,” he said.

Not exclusively did Leigh-Manuell overcome COVID-19, she endures Spanish flu the year she born.

At the point when her husband passed on unexpectedly, Leigh-Manuell turned into the provider for the family, working at the Sayville firehouse, and afterward, the town fish advertise until she was 95.

Leigh-Manuell had been eating out at eateries three times each week until the virus hit. She says she feels fine now, in any case.

Know About Her Secret

“She loves any junk food. Be that as it may, her Oreo treats. Vanilla or brilliant Oreos, are her top pick,” said her child.

“We love Rosie here,” one employee said.

“Much thanks to you. I attempt to be a decent patient,” Leigh-Manuell said.

“You are Rosie!” said the attendant. Leigh-Manuell made the nursing staff and her child guarantee that when eateries revive, they will have a date, with treats for dessert.


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