A Bunch Of COVID-19 Cases Was Traced In California At A Birthday Party


Government has announced social distancing because the Coronavirus is spread by touch and by coughing. Recently, was the news reported in California where a cluster of coronavirus patients has been raised because of a coughing patient at a birthday party.


Clearly indicates that if people are not focusing on the measure announced by the government and they are just inviting problems to their own self only. Dr. Matthew feaster an epidemiologist, has reported that it is clearly indicated that the virus is good contact tracing and it can create trouble for anyone. Recently, more than 66550 people have been infected with the virus in California and 2687 people died as per the news reported by Johns Hopkins University. 

But moving forward with small infections, the government is taking every particular step that will help people to get rid of the problem between people who are not maintaining social distance in there are only e inviting problems to themself.


When it comes to looking at the problem then in Pasadena there was a birthday party in which people get infected. It is also disappointing because all around there was a warning going on to stay home and stay safe and then also people are not focusing on it.

Now the government is looking forward to take some strict measures that will help people to stay at home. In case they are not staying at home, then it will become difficult for the health department to manage the things, and the government will not be able to do anything for them.

It is just that people are not getting in touch with anyone who is having symptoms as well. In case they are doing so then they will not be able to survive.


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