90 Day Fiancé: David Gets To See Lana Before The 90 Days Shocker

90 day fiancé

Love has no boundaries and we have heard this statement a lot many times. What recently, 90-day fiancé star, David has proved it. Roughly after his attempt and the expenditure of $100000 he gets the chance to meet his 27-year-old online girlfriend, Lana. The best part about this meeting was that they were online friends and now finally they met. He tried a lot but somehow things were not working in his favor at that time.

Recently, in the episode telecasted on made and Sunday, we get the first look of their meeting and now there is a lot to come in between two Sundays which will be going to be telecast on 17th May.

Also, in the preview of the upcoming episode they would have also mentioned that nothing in the past even matters now. Prior to meeting in a person at the end of the episode only communicated with each other through a website. Moreover, they both were planning to meet in Ukraine but never showed up easily.

But now finally he dropped to her hometown and it trying to run into her. Moreover, it is quite surprising to see that how they both mat and how their eyes told Each Other whatever is going in their minds.

90 day fiancé

In the episode on 10th may, explain that he cannot speak for 2-3 weeks after she stood him up for the 4th time. But now they are getting the chance to spoke to each other and Lana also explains about her feelings. Moreover, the meeting was so mesmerizing that fans, and we were enjoying it a lot.

Also he has mentioned that he is done waiting and now he wants that things will get alright soon. Finally, they both met and things are starting to change between both of them.

If you have watched this episode, then do let us know in the comment section below how it was and what your experience about it was. How they both were looking. Moreover stay tuned with us and sees the next episode on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on TLC.


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