Now You Will Be Able To Watch All 12 Seasons of ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ On HBO Max And Netflix

anthony bourdain parts unknown

Late Legend Anthony Bourdain took the public attention with his no-nonsense in-depth click on food across the globe. He was having into culture-bound by culinary treats and rituals. Today on Netflix and HBO Max announced about the late chef and TV personality award-winning show, Anthony Bourdain parts unknown.

anthony bourdain parts unknown

It is quite interesting to see that how he made things easier for everyone and how people cannot get things out of their heads. Netflix has announced that it will be going to be telecast from first June. Till yet, 12 Seasons from 2013 are recorded and every season will be going to telecast.

From the likes of Myanmar Mark and Mexico City to Bahia and bone you, 104 episodes will be going to be telecast. Moreover, when it comes to looking at his interest in food, he continued all the aspects of food culture from the richest of fine dining to everyday Hustle of street food as well. 

anthony bourdain parts unknown

He always introduced the fact which is unknown to everyone. Moreover this achievement of him not only lets others appreciate him but also let others grab some ideas that will help them to make things easier for them. Beyond the CNN app, there will be a limited amount of episodes that will be going to telecast. Moreover, similarly there will be a lot of departure from HBO and Max in January and the west wing likely to the end of 2020. 

Now it is good to see that how it will be going to maintain its place over the platforms. Letters in the comment section below after the telecast of it and also mention that what are you unto considered to the same.


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