Dungeons & Dragons With Onomancy or Psionics Wizards Not Moving Forward

Dungeons & Dragons have stated that the development of two newly played subclasses of wizards will not proceed. Dungeons & Dragons released a new Unearthed Arcana playtest earlier today that features three revised subclasses seen in earlier playtest materials.

While the Revived Rogue, Noble Genie Warlock patron, and Archivist Artifier gained new life as the Phantom Rogue, Genie Warlock patron, and the Wizard, Dungeons & Dragons Scribes Order noted that they would not move forward with two other subclasses recently tested.

We can share that none of the wizard subclasses that we have recently introduced in Discovered Arcana — Onomancy and Psionics — will go forward in our creation process, noted the D&D growth. Because they haven’t attracted enough people, and we can explore the themes of those subclasses in other ways.

Dungeons & Dragons

The category Onomancy included the use of true names, stealing them from enemies and allies, and using certain names to improve the effectiveness of other spells or otherwise influence certain creatures. The Psionics wizard was a subclass that used various psionic abilities (as its name suggests) to enhance spells or increase other skills. Notably, earlier this year, the Psionics wizard did not receive an update when Dungeons & Dragons tried out a new Psionic Die feature to provide Psionic subclasses with a unique new mechanic.

Although it’s a little frustrating that Dungeons & Dragons decide not to step ahead with any of these subclasses, it does show the value of providing fans with input on the playtest. Had more fans responded positively to these subclasses, the development team may have tried to revisit them as they did with other subclasses recently tested.

At the same time, it is fantastic that the development team keeps players and fans in the loop about different subclasses of playtests, even if it is not the news players are looking for. After all, players still talk about the Updated Ranger as though they were working on it, even though it’s been almost four years since Dungeons & Dragons first proposed the improvements.

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