Here Are The Details About Ultra-Dark Early ’00s ‘Batman v Superman’ Movie That Was Scrapped

Batman v Superman

Recently, the detail about the original Batman vs. Superman movie which was released in 2000 has been released by the screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. She also mentions that it was never ended up and never being made because it was a spelling about the darkest thing you have ever seen.

In 2016, all the fans are aware of the fact that is Zyan Synder took the place on the story arc and he already plants in early 2000 that they will be going to create a movie that will revolve around the conflict between The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. Here the starring was Colin Farrell and the formal was Jude Law as the letter.

Batman v Superman

I have released that she had written the version of Batman versus superman around 2001 to 2002 when the cast Colin Farrell was acting as Batman and Jude Law was acting as a Superman was directing it. She has also mentioned about the darkest thing you have ever seen as it was mentioned.

It was started with Alfred’s funeral and Bruce who has fallen in love and pronounced being Batman the Joker killed his wife and then they discovered that it was all a lie. It was a time there things were not that much sorted as this things together these days. 

Batman v Superman

Also they have continued somehow and the expectation of the object was not made. The audience of the corporate is the director real were not ready to corporate about it and they think that there will be going to imagine it as they will be going to put them on the page.

Moreover she has least about the story more and then she have mentioned that it was not as they have expected. It is like what turns to be is the truth. Also, they have mentioned that she was planning something else but the result was in front of everyone.


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