The “Riverdale” Musical Numbers, Ranked From Worst To Best

Riverdale never gets back to stage over the top, cheesy, and at times, even emotional with its music, whether it’s one-off performances or whole episodes. But not all numbers are created equally. You will find the most significant musical performances on Riverdale from Season1 to Season 4.

· “Carrie” :

In the pink gown, Cheryl takes center stage and a spotlight to bell out the entertain tune. The number is a small snippet of the whole song, so we don’t get to see much of Cheryl singing it out.

· “Evening Prayers” :

Although the jaw-dropping plot twist is revealed as this number comes to a close, the song itself is a little lackluster. Alice is disapproving of Betty’s actions but, throughout the episode, sees firsthand that Betty is one of the only people she has left. It’s a bit of pain tune.


· “A Night We Will Never Forget” :

All wearing in robes tied rollers in the hair, the cast of Carrie prepares to open night in their dressing rooms. Solid and energetic! Though not the best one from the episode.

· “In” :

We can see Betty and Veronica dressing for school, Airdrie doing some shirtless pushups and Cheryl and Toni at River Vixen practice. “In” is fun, energetic, and attention-grabbing.

· “Do Me a Favor” :

The visually appealing choreography, the vocals are killer, and 1970, costumes have us obsessed.

· “Stay Here Instead” :

Alice suits her role perfectly: a controlling manipulative mother who tries to restrict her daughter. The camera pans to Betty who is like us all in realizing the pain of her mother facing out. It’s damn beautiful.

· “Unsuspecting Hearts” :

This one between two best buddies gives Cheryl the time to apologize sending with a warm embrace and finding a spot near the top of this list.

· “You Shine” :

The song shows how love is not romantic all the time. Love extends to all those close to us, whether they be friends or others and love can heal broken relationships, giving us all the feels and rightfully being one of the best numbers.

· “The World According to Chris” :

In the number one features Veronica’s single number was spectacular. It might be a ‘little’ shady, but Veronica had given out it perfectly.

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