There Is No Pedestrian Death In NYC – A Record In Itself

No Pedestrian Death In NYC

Everyone is aware of the pedestrian death in New York City. But now a record has been maintained that 58 days have been passed without a single death of a pedestrian.

It is quite interesting to see that because of the less condition on New York City Street some good news has been come out from it. We all are aware that because of the traffic-related incident, usually a pedestrian died a lot. But now 58 days streak has been maintained in the city that not evens a single pedestrian dies. Also, they have mentioned that no such traffic-related activities are happening which can cause any trouble to pedestrian living.

No Pedestrian Death In NYC

Also, it is quite interesting to see how in these two months not even a single case has been arise and everyone is saying so peacefully. It is not at all expected because in New York is considered to be among two cities where the death of the pedestrian is very common. Moreover, officials also mention that it is a record that has been made.

No Pedestrian Death In NYC

At a conference on Wednesday, Mayor Bill De Blasio also announced that the city will add 12 miles of Open Street for pedestrians so that no such case will be reported in the future as well. Now every particular measure will be taken by the official so that the pedestrians will be able to live easily.

If you have any idea about it then do let us know in the comment section below and also let us know whether you have ever met the same incident or not. In case you have ever killed a pedestrian or you see a pedestrian die in front of you then how you will be able to deal with it.


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