Designer Answers Leaving Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music on ‘Everyday Struggle’

Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music

Desiigner left G.O.O.D music last year and he never explain about the reasons why he did so. But please urgently, finally he got open up about it and explain the reason why he did so.

On the last episode of complex everyday struggle, there was a confirmation done by the Brooklyn that he has been in the studio but somehow the panda artist responded that they have not tried to follow in many ways at all. Moreover, it is sticking to his path and he cannot be the situation at all. Moreover, the situation he went through the music sheet was something which make him feel uncomfortable. Also, it was not acceptable to him because it did not have a cup of tea.

He also explains that he was happy when things were going on in start but when things become saw he was not able to accept them at all. There was a lot of lack of communication between The Artist and people were also facing a lot of issues with each other. Also he mentioned that he was feeling so frustrated because of the comparison that was going on in the early stages of his career with the future one. He was not feeling satisfied because everyone was pointing out.

Also here mentioned that when he winds up going to the Christian route that not even a single fan decided to go down. He also mentions that he wanted to make things better for everyone but when people start two pointing him out he started feeling comfortable.

He also mention that Akademiks also tried to make him feel uncomfortable by spilling the tea and ask what the creative difference he is having right now is. It is quite interesting to see how someone can let other people do feel so much uncomfortable because of the profession in which they are. This is all hi about why he left it and why he is not looking forward to it anymore.


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