Dr. Bright, The Whistleblower Said U.S. Will Face Darkest Winter

Dr. Bright

The total no. case of COVID-19 in the US is still rising. Many political experts think that the U.S. is facing a lack of the all-inclusive battle plan against the spreading of COVID-19. They also think the U.S. is lacking in every critical area that includes testing, masks, vaccines, and treatment. The upcoming situation can be direr as whistleblower Rick Bright thinks their window of chance is closing.

He viewed that if the situation is not controlled before the winter, the nation would have to face the darkest winter in modern history. Bright thinks that everyone in the government and America needs to know what are the plans of the nation and the duty of every person for implementing the plan.

He made an allegation that they do not have personal protective equipment for their health care professionals and staff. According to him, there is also a lack of sufficient vaccines and drugs and they still don’t have the planning for distributing those vaccines and drugs. He asked for making a comprehensive strategy for testing.

Dr. Bright

However according to the boss of Bright, HHS Secretary Alex Azar that every possible measure had been achieved already. He also said, “So this is like somebody who was in a choir and is now trying to say he was a soloist back then”. President Trump also remarked him as a disgruntled and angry employee.

He assured at a Pennsylvania medical equipment distributor that they are ramping up the production of items that are necessary to fight against COVID-19. He added further that his dream is to make the production of everything the country requires and then also making export to other countries.

Production of medicines was included in the required item. Dr. Bright also said he was removed from his post as he raised questions regarding government preparation for managing COVID-19.


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