Jay Inslee Has Released Guidelines For Restaurant For Second Phase Of Reopening 

Guidelines For Restaurant

Even after reopening of the economy, people of Washington need to maintain social distancing while they are outside. Recently, Gov. Jay Inslee released some guidelines for restaurants before reopening. In Washington, restaurants need to keep a log for each dine-in. This will help in contact tracing. This decision was taken as planning for the second phase of reopening plans in the state.

The restaurant owners are directed to keep a daily log for 30 days. The log should contain information about the telephone number and email address and timing. According to Gov. Jay Inslee, “If you have somebody who has become sick and they were sitting right next to a person at a restaurant, to be able to identify that person could be very valuable for their health to try to save their life, and so we put that in place,”.

The Inslee office also released a few more guidelines for restaurants. Firstly, the restaurants should operate at half of their capacity or below than that. At a time, more than five guests cannot be allowed in each table. According to the guideline, both customers and employees need to use hand sanitizer and tables should be placed at least six feet distance.

Guidelines For Restaurant

Furthermore, the COVID-19 test will be mandatory for each employee before starting a shift. Lastly, a specific employee should be employed for the COVID-19 supervision of the safety and health of staff in the restaurant. The governor remarked that restaurants need to follow all of these guidelines mentioned above to get permission to remain open.

The second phase of the reopening process will be in a total of eight counties in the state. These are Wahkiakum, Pend Oreille, Lincoln, Stevens, Skamania, Garfield, Columbia, and Ferry. The government strongly suggested the customers wear a cloth to cover their faces before and after seated in a table, salad bars, and buffets. The menu and condiments should be used for one time only while bar seating is still prohibited. 


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