Why Is Everyone Watching This Confusing New David Spade Movie On Netflix?

the wrong missy

We are all really into the undying friendship between Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini on Dead To Me, We are going to watch Chris Hemsworth do just about anything for two hours, and we are so anxious to feel like we are at the beach that we will watch couples try not to have sex for ten episodes of ‘Too Hot To Handle’. But the newest Top 10 inductee is a bit more perplexing:- why is everyone on Netflix watching the wrong missy

the wrong missy

Ever since Netflix introducees its Top 20 badges, we have all gotten some highlights into the collective psyche of its devotees across America. Having no offense to Lauren Lapkus, but The wrong Missy is uh, not good. It’s a Happy Madison picture, so many of us should have known that if Murder mystery wasn’t our cup of tea, this lowbrow movie wouldn’t be either, but its nothing compared to this production.

David Spade plays Tim, a “loveable” executive at a big bank with swanky offices. His ex-fiance left him heartbroken, so he chooses a blind date with Missy. The date ends with Tim climbing out a window to escape Missy, and having it set back in place by the woman he vows to never call again. The characters reiterate this phrase a few times, in case you forget what movie you are watching at any point.

For initials, the premise is pretty disgusting something the movie never seems to realize. Tim only invitees Missy to the retreat in hopes of using her as a trophy to piss off her ex. Tim treated her like garbage, doing things like tricking her to stay back in the room so he can hide her from the coworkers and talking behind her back.

At this point, you may think that this is a Happy Madison movie, what did you expect? Well, I expected to hopefully, maybe understand why so many people are spending their staying home days with this movie. Maybe, that all the initial awful movie has a point.


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