Netflix Releases First Song, Photos For Will Ferrell’s Eurovision Movie

volcano man

Will Ferrell and Netflix’s first song from the soundtrack Eurovision movie has been released. The Eurovision movie with the fittingly OTT title of the movie.

We know that movie now- which will be released on June 26 is known as Eurovision song content- The story of fire Saga, with the first track ‘Volcano Man’ now available to listen to, and the bombastic music videos here too. Suitably peppy and camp and Eurovision Esque, it’s not yet clear what part of but it has been described as a “bop” already and we can’t help but agree.

Sung by Ferrell himself and the singer. My Marianne, we get two serious romance. Nordic countryside and some serious romance. A talk of “highland fjomels”, a “meeting heart” and “clouds on a mountain peak” and everything.

With the competition it’s inspired by the release of Eurovision has been shifted due to the current pandemic. Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams will star as aspiring Icelandic musicians looking for a victory at the legendary song content.

The cast is all set to fit perfectly with stars. Demi Lovato and Pierce Brosnan were also declared as people of the cast initially this year, with Lovato singing the track ‘In The Mirror’. The film has co-written by Ferrell with the former head writer of Saturday Night Live, Andrew Steele.

Unlike Pierce and fans will be expecting their turn as Erick Erickssong needs as little singing as possible after all, the actor was himself “relieved” when he realized Sam Carmichael has few singing time in Mamma Mial’s series.

The stars of Ferrell in Eurovision as aspiring Icelanding musician Lars who, alongside his collaborator Sigrit, played by Rachel McAdams had the chance to represent his country in the final international song competition, finally performing the talent on stage.

‘In the Mirror’ also joins the movie soundtrack by Demi Lovato, which is needy to drop on Netflix on June 26.


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