New Updates Of The 100: What To Expect In The First Episode

The 100

Fans were waiting for the last season of The Hundred. Final Season 6 was scheduled to start this year. The starting of the season was delayed by the pandemic of COVID-19. There was very little hope for the fans that they would be able to watch The Final Season this year. However, the synopsis of the first episode has been released.

Here is the description of the hypnosis. The episode will be aired on Wednesday. This first episode will look back on how the destruction has occurred in the first place. It is expected the first episode will answer some unanswered questions of their fans. 

The 100

However, other questions are expected to be answered in the prequel of the series. Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, the shooting of the prequel can be postponed for an unknown amount of time. Hence, it will be better to focus on The Final Season only. 

You already know the 100 is a scientific fantasy television series. The story tells us about the journey of a few teenagers who went to the time of 97 years after the destruction of the earth. The story is connected with Greek Mythology. These series of the 100 are directed by CW Network. However, the network has postponed many series like Nancy Drew, Supergirl, Dynasty’s Airing, and Riverdale. 

The 100

The CW has released the titles of the episodes along with synopses of the first four episodes of this season. In the first episode, Clarke and her friends will try to build the Sanctum again. They will do this as the new threat emerged in the woods. The name of the first episode is The Garden.

The first episode will tell us the story of Hope and her mysterious past. Echo (Tasya Teles) and Gabriel (Chuku Modu) will learn from the story of Hope. Other important characters of the first episode are Richard Harmon, JR Bourne, and Shannon Kook.


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