Cate Blanchett Joins Jennifer Lawrence’s New Netflix Movie

Cate Blanchett

Sources told the collider that Cate Blanchett, who won the Oscar twice, is in talks to join the Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay sci-fi satire.

Netflix supports the original project. This seems to take advantage of McKay’s talent to blame systematic silliness, inefficiencies, and corruption. The comic film centers around two intermediate astronomers who discover that meteorites destroy the Earth in six months and guide them on a media tour that warns humanity. McKay describes the Don’t Lookup as “Wag the Dog, Dr. Strange Love, the Dark Satire of Network School” and, based on these influences, I don’t think the media tour will be particularly successful.

the wrong missy

Netflix was scheduled to start production in April, so the Don’t Look Up was prepared in time for consideration of the prize, but Hollywood’s entire coronavirus forced to stop production. The world in fashion. Filming in New York and Los Angeles is still a long way to go, but things are starting again.

McKay is a talent magnet who has performed the last two directing activities with Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Karel, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling. His next movie. .. Surprisingly, it’s talking about starring in the Eli Roth Borderlands movie, which is Blanchet’s second movie to line up last week, based on the hit video game.

Cate Blanchett

Blanchett won an Oscar for Martin Scorsese’s Aviator and Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and is filming Guillermo Model Toro’s Nightmare with Bradley Cooper. Blanchett recently starred in the Richard Linklater comedy Where’d You Go (Bernadet) and is currently playing Phyllis Schlafly in the acclaimed FX series Mrs. America. Blanchett is also teaming to play Lucille Ball in the Aaron Sorkin movie by Amazon Lucy and Desi. It is represented by CAA and RGM artists.


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