Destiny 2’s ‘The Lie’ Community Quest Will Be Finished, Let’s check When

Destiny 2’s ‘The Lie’ Community Quest

People are in the middle of a 10x multiplier weekend for the new secret, much-derided community quest that will be the first step of “The Lie”, a journey to get a Destiny 1 Iron Banner shotgun that…does not require playing any Banner of Iron.

The players have been given the tasked with completing 3 million Seraph Tower events per plan, and we are getting close to finishing now, so much so where I can pretty much guess when this is going to be done.

Numbers as of today morning are as follows:

EDZ:- 100 percent (3 million)
Moon:- 56 percent (2.6 million)
Io:- 19 percent (5,60,000)

The Moon was at 33 percent yesterday, so it was about 50 percent completion for a full 24 hours. As such, my measurements are the followings:

Best Case Scenario:

We may finish this late till Sunday if the Moon wraps up in some hours and there’s a big community push to get to Io so we can check this out.

Destiny 2’s ‘The Lie’ Community Quest

Medium Case Scenario:

Sunday night is too tight and instead, it takes until Monday morning with the international crew pitching in a bit when people of America are sleeping.

Worst Case Scenario:

This can be finished by Monday, which may be a bit delayed because of some issues with Io instancing.

There must be some components of the story to this quest that could be very interesting indeed, though I haven’t dug hard into them yet to avoid getting completely spoiled. This is the thing I am most curious about rather than another god roll shotgun to push on the pile.

Anyhow, if such things were how the quest had worked from the start where it was just going to take a few days, I doubt we would have so many problems, but hopefully, Bungie learns for the next time.


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