‘Heaven Without People’- The Lebanese Movie Available On The Netflix 

Heaven Without People

In 2017, Lebanese dramacomedy, heaven without people was released. Recently, it has been seen that it hit high on Netflix for the first time.

After reaching the giant streaming service in just one day, it took a spot on the list of top movies and series which can be watch in Lebanon. It is quite interesting to see that how after its release in 2017, it’s made up its place again.

The writer and director of the film Bourjeily are so excited to see how it will be going to rise at the top on the popular streaming platform. Moreover, it took a tour of international film festivals as well. Moreover, heaven without people is officially released on Netflix on Friday May 15. 

Heaven Without People

By the end of the next day, it is one of the 4th most-watched movies on it. Moreover, everyone was giving a lot of views about it and the ranks of the movie continued to climb in the 24 hours. It also beat the Fifty Shades freed which become 3rd movie on the platform in the country. 

When it comes to looking at the success it is quite interesting to see that how people are commenting over it and how people are enjoying this. Regularly, heaven without people is also one of the 7th of the top 10 movies which being watched on Netflix in Lebanon.

Also, after unfolding the drama, people have a lot to explore in it. It was igniting the manner that which no one has expected. The family gathering after Josephine who decided to assemble and scattered the members and Undertaker tension is towards one another.

Also, the stars inSamira Sarkis, Jenny Gebara, Farah Shaer, NadimAbouSamra, and several other talents.


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