Streaming This Week On Several Platforms: Patton Oswalt On Netflix, ‘The Great’ On Hulu, And Season Two Of ‘Homecoming’

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Get ready for five options this week on streaming platforms, including a new stand-up show by Patton Oswald and a premiere of the second coming homecoming starring Janelle Mona.

Great (Hulu, available today)

Polygon’s Samantha Nelson argues that this largely inaccurate historical story of the young Catherine the Great is a sense of a girl’s average costume drama, but at the expense of proper physical violence, sex, and conspiracy. Game of Thrones fans. “Celebrities of El Fanning and Nicholas Holt.

Hightown (Starz, May 17)

The New York Times is incredibly looking forward to the drama of police on Starz, giving you a glimpse of its splendor, Cape Cod (my favorite vacation), and Providence Town. Elmore Leonard’s story, at least initially. Monica Raymund and James Badgedale Celebrities.

Big Flower Battle (Netflix, May 18)

Great British Bake Off, but using flowers instead of baked goods. The preface of the title Best in Bloom is defined as 10 pairs of amateur flower sculptors from all over the world come together to fight. Who recognized that there are many legitimate plays in floral design?

Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything (Netflix, May 19)

Meglight’s Vulture credits Oswalt for his love of something about a wall bracket for a very strange wallpaper and his 50s, and his son’s second-year art program attendance. It claims to have offered the opportunity to board the amazing Millennium Falcon (rooftop).

Homecoming Season 2 (Amazon Prime, May 22)

Homecoming Transitional SupportCenter Celebrity Janelle Monae at a new epoch in the truly dreadful Amazon Prime opening collection on Homecoming has certainly started as a podcast after the Amazon show starring Julia Roberts and directed by Sam Esmail. Robot. .. Season 2 secures a whole new secret with Monae, as a memory loss that stands up in the facility with the feeling that the stitches are not the same as they look.


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