“Hannibal” – All Three Seasons Will Appear On Netflix In June

One of the saddest TV cancellations to date for horror fans, NBC cut off the “Hannibal” created by Brian Fuller after just three seasons of 2015, leaving Hannibal Lector (Mad Mikkelsen) and Will’s fate. Graham (Hugh Dancy) is hanging from the cliff. Fuller has lived his hope for a “Hannibal” resurrection for the past five years, but so far the series has been unable to resurrect from death.

Our biggest hope is that Netflix or another streaming service will save on the fly. That hasn’t happened yet, but this week we received news that Netflix will be streaming at least all three of the next NBC series seasons.

Hannibal next NBC series seasons netflix

Each Hannibal episode will begin airing on June 5th. And who knows, or perhaps if Netflix is ​​walking through the rooftop, would Netflix consider ordering more episodes? An illusion, no doubt, it certainly couldn’t hurt the cause.

If you’re still a bit off ‘Hannibal ‘, the good news is that all three seasons of the NBC series tell a complete and completely satisfying story, and honestly, it’s the perfect conclusion to the story. So if you are worried that your story will be shortened and you hesitate to join, then this is not the case. And while I’d like to see the series come back, NBC indeed gave us three bloody seasons of one of the brightest horror shows to show on a small screen.

Hannibal next NBC series seasons netflix

As a related note, CBS has delivered a serial order to “Clarice”. This is established one year after the Silence of the Lambs event. Hannibal Lector is not expected to appear in the series, and it does not affect whether Fuller’s version of Thomas Harris’ novel finds a new life outside NBC. Fuller tweeted earlier this year.

“Martha [De Lorentis] and I have worked with MGM many times to include Claris in the Hannibal story. They finally told her that they had their plans for Claris. I told us that I don’t need Hannibal to do. We didn’t have Clari’s rights, so don’t expect this to impact your potential Hannibal S4. “

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