LeBron James, Adam Sandler Collaborate On Netflix Basketball Drama


Adam Sandler appears in Hasle, a basketball-themed Netflix movie that includes an NBA from producer LeBron James, discovered by Collider.

Jeremiah Zagar, who directed the highly acclaimed independent drama “Weeza Animals,” directs the screenplays of Taylor Matane and Willfetters, which Netflix obtained from Legendary. James and Maverick Carter will work with Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Zack Roth of Roth / Kirschenbaum Films, Sandler, and Happy Happy Madison banners under the Springhill Entertainment banner. Springhill’s Jamal Henderson and Spencer Beighley will be executive producers.


The story continues after an American basketball talent scout (Sandra) was unfairly fired after discovering a unique player abroad. The explorer decides to take the player to the United States and show that they have both what they need to reach the NBA.

The interesting thing about this logline is that it refers to players found “overseas” but does not specify a country. The player’s hometown is unknown.

I’m following Sandler, who has been starring at Hustle since October 2019. I mentioned it on Twitter and my podcast, The Sneider Cut. The idea of ​​Sandler partnering with LeBron has always been interesting in itself, but it was last year because of the (still ongoing) drama between the NBA and China, who declined to broadcast NBA games after controversial comments.


What was particularly interesting in October was the turmoil when Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Molly (from a Chinese POV) caused an international affair and prompted James to assess the situation before the season. It’s unclear whether James was planning to shoot a portion of China in Hustle as a story he needed at the time, but James ” misreported or untrained ” for Molly’s tweet.

No matter where the young basketball phenomenon is, Sandler is a natural candidate for this role. He is a huge basketball fan who maintains his basketball court, Happy Madison Square Garden, on Sony’s grounds in Culver City. Happy Madison produces the ABC comedy The Goldbergs. Sandler is a big Knicks fan, so he can support LeBron in real life, but they are now teammates for this project. If there is a mutual connection between the two, it is Judd Apatou, a roommate at Sandler’s University, who oversaw LeBron at Toledrec.


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