Michael Jackson’s Skin Problem Rumors Were Clarified In His Autopsy


Before his sudden death at age 50, gossipy tidbits and rumors twirled around pop sensation Michael Jackson for various reasons. Not the least of which was whether he had an ailment that turned his skin white. At Jackson’s post-mortem examination, those bits of gossip were at last settled.

Rumors About His Skin Problems

While performing and recording with the Jackson Five, a juvenile Michael endured serious skin break out breakouts however gave no indications of the staining skin infection that pained him further down the road. Nor was any surprising skin condition obvious when he recorded his single, “Ben.”

When he went into the studio to record the Thriller collection, be that as it may, the 24-year old Jackson was beginning to see odd changes in his skin shading.

Michael Jackson autopsy report
Source: NY Daily News

Here’s What Jackson Said

During a 1993 meeting with Oprah Winfrey, Jackson endeavored to mollify rumors that he was dying his skin with an end goal to look increasingly Caucasian. Jackson didn’t uncover the name of the ailment that caused great inconsistencies in skin tone on his hands, however, disclosed to Winfrey that rumors that he was disappointed with his race irritated him profoundly.

I have a skin issue that obliterates the pigmentation of the skin,” said Jackson. “It’s something I can’t help. At the point when individuals make up stories that I don’t care for who I am, it harms me.

His Autopsy Report Clarified The Rumors

Jackson’s clarification regarding why his skin shading changed was met with both compassion and doubt from an open that had been pondering (and murmuring) regarding the artist’s radical change in appearance for quite a long while.

Doctors at the University of Massachusetts Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center say that Jackson was acceptable at concealing his vitiligo and that he, without a doubt, treated the deforming condition with the solution de-pigmenting cream, Benoquin. Conrad Murray (the disrespected specialist who served two years of a four-year sentence for the death of Michael Jackson) conceded that he applied the dying cream to the vocalist’s body each night.


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