29-Year-Old Trapeze Artist Dies After Falling To Her Head During Practice


Guadalupe Videla, 29, from Uruguay, smashed her head on the ground in a monstrosity mishap in the town of Beasain, in the north of the nation.

The Artist Died After Falling To Her Head

The tumbler plunged around five feet and missed the security tangle by inches.

She was hurried to the hospital, however, passed on hours after the fact.

The mishap that prompted her passing happened as she was rehearsing for another show with different stunt-devils.

Bazaar chief Pele Rossi demanded Guadalupe might not have died on the off chance that she had tumbled from more noteworthy tallness.

He stated: “On the off chance that she had been higher up when she fell, she would have had the opportunity to bend round.”

She Was Stranded In Town 

Guadalupe had been abandoned in the town, east of Bilbao, since March with Il Circo Italiano – an organization she had as of late joined.

A police investigation is in progress into her death.

Bazaar supervisors paid tribute to Guadalupe via social media, expressing: “An angel left us.

What Her Friends Said

Paola Tapia stated: “Beat your wings and fly so high where pity never contacts you.

We are going to miss you to such an extent. My heart is broken however, you would let me know, ‘My friend don’t cry.

Just as Spain and Argentina, Guadalupe’s adoration for the carnival had taken her to nations, including Panama.

Her crushed partners are planning to begin acting in Beasain toward the beginning of June once a facilitating of lockdown limitations empowers the carnival to re-open.


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