Florida Man Arrested After Kidnapping A Teen And Forcing Her To Assist Him


Alexander Michael Sardinas of Florida was arrested for the current week after supposedly kidnapping a 17-year-old girl and constraining her to assist him with moving beyond a COVID-19 checkpoint.


The 37-year-old person and a lady from Islamorada took the girl from a Publix parking area in Homestead, as indicated by ABC News.

The 17-year-old girl, whose name has been kept hidden, is an inhabitant of the Florida Keys. With an end goal to forestall the spread of the coronavirus, the Florida Keys is shut to the individuals who are not inhabitants through the month’s end. So as to go through the checkpoint, a driver would need to demonstrate that they are an occupant.

Sardinas and the 43-year-old person had just attempted to get past the checkpoint however were denied section since they didn’t have the correct documentation. Along these lines, they proposed to utilize the girl to assist them with getting access. They educated the girl, under the danger of physical abuse, to drive them to Tavernier.

The Girl Did What She Was Forced To Do

She did as she was told, and after arriving at the checkpoint, she gave over her driver’s permit and verification of living arrangement. At that point, she didn’t advise anybody that she had been seized because she expected that she would be hurt. They were utterly allowed to go on.

The 17-year-old later dropped off Sardinas at a corner store and dropped the lady off at a narcotics store. When she was distant from everyone else, she called a relative who later educated the police regarding the dangerous circumstance.

The Victim Was Unharmed

Police had the option to find both the male and female speculates who both asserted they had never been in the vehicle with the high school casualty. In any case, their accounts concerning how they met her didn’t coordinate.

The victim is unharmed while Sardinas has been arrested. The lady who had gone with him was not captured.


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