Season 1 Of Marvel’s Moon Knight Release Date, Cast (New Faces), Plot, Trailer And More

Moon Knight

The new update of Marvel’s favorite character, Marvel’s Moon Knight Season 1, is ready to drop on Disney+ in a short time. Moon Knight aka Marc Spector is the brainchild of Doug Moench. Dog Moench was first seen in the 1975 comic Werewolf by Night. As the season is gossiping is in the air, we will give you all the updates on the upcoming hero of Marvel here.

Release Date

The date of release has not announced yet. The production of the series has to start in November 2020 but due to the pandemic, the release date might shift as the shoot will not start soon this year. Hence, fans have to wait till next year to get inside updates of the series.


Actors are not confirmed yet from the makers, so we can not say who will be there the MCU’s live-action series. Though there are some speculations that Keany Reeves or Daniel Radcliffe will play the lead role. As per the news from Marvel fandom site, Ross Marquand can play Marc Spector.

Moreover, we are sure about the cast who will play kate Valdez as Wave, David Morrissey, Phillip Brooks, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Moon Knight

Season 1 Plot

The Moon Knight series will all around Marc Specto. He is an ex-CIA agent who was saved by Khonshy, the God of Moon. the superhero Marc and he is known as Moon Knight after killing a terrorist, the Bushman. The official synopsis has not revealed yet, but we expect season 1 to explore the life and origin of Moon Knight.


We could not have any teaser or trailer out by makers. As we can expect the production of the film is still in dark, we do not expect to see the initial glimpse of Moon Knight any time soon. Till then stay tuned for more updates from us.


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