Mystery Science Theater 3000: Will Fans Going To Have Season 13 Or Not


Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a parody series that is running for quite a while. At the point when the twelfth season arrived on Netflix, it extended the fan base of the show and got acclaim from the two pundits and crowds comprehensively. Presently supporters are pondering, will there be a season 13 of the satire series or not?

Know About Mystery Science Theater 3000

The exciting comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 appeared on November 24, 1988. From that point forward, it was dropped on numerous occasions, and new systems picked it after its cancelation. Presently Netflix has left it after season 12, so the new seasons will release on some other streaming program or channel.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 13
Source: Screen Rant

The rundown of the parody series according to IMDb says: ‘In the not very far off futurity Joel Robinson is held restricted by Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank, made to watch B-Grade films on the Satellite of Love with the guide of his robot friends: Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot.’

So this is what you should know concerning Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 13:

Renewal Update

In 2019, Netflix pronounced the destiny of the satire series. Along these lines, there is awful news for fans; the streaming program decided to drop Mystery Science Theater 3000 for season 13. Following hearing the news, each fan got discouraged, and they need more episodes of the series.

This series has gotten positive audits during its run, however, despite that, Netflix chose to drop it for season 13. The series maker additionally affirmed the cancelation of the series for season 13. He said in an announcement:

‘As some of you would have envisioned, we won’t make new season of the show for Netflix. In any case, I expect you to comprehend that we’ve made some magnificent memories working with the Netflix group, and will everlastingly be thankful to them.’

Will There Be Season 13 Or Not

It doesn’t mean another season won’t occur as Netflix dropped the show. The maker likewise uncovered that the new season would not show up on Netflix. However, it will, in fact occur later on. He needs to locate another house for the new season of Mystery Science Theater.

He said in an announcement: ‘On the off chance that you didn’t comprehend the patron update, I pronounced today that #MST3K isn’t doing a third season for Netflix. It’s not the finish of MST3K; It’s simply the completion of the first part of bringing back MST3K.’


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