PS5: What’s The Storage Capacity, How Many Games Could Fit In


The stop of 2020 promises to be an exciting time, as gamers will in the end get their arms on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Microsoft have slowly revealed extra approximately the next-gen consoles, however, there are still plenty of questions waiting to be answered.

There are mass of subjects fans need to recognize greater about, both in phrases of hardware and software. As that is a console people will personal for years, storage may be a massive sticking point.

How Much Storage Does It Have?

The good information is that Sony has already targeted the garage potential of PS5, along with a handful of other specs. The PS5 will release with a custom 825GB SSD. This is a big upgrade over what the PS4 comes with.

The huge change, of course, comes with the upgrade to SSD from HDD. SSDs are tons faster at reading information than HDDs, which could result in shorter load instances and better average performance. While 825GB isn’t a ton, it’s miles a development over the 500GB the bottom PS4 comes with.

Play Station 5


First off, the PS5 will let players increase their storage by using purchasing a further SSD known as an NVMe drives. Players will, of course, want to ensure the only they purchase is like-minded with PS5. At the equal time, the PS5 will support external garage thru USB. While it’s excellent to have options, players first want to recognize how an awful lot of storage they’ll need.

How Many Games Could Fit In

While the ability of the PS5 is known, the huge unanswered query is simply how lots of space PS5 games will take up. At the moment, there aren’t any PS5 games that have a confirmed install length, but gamers should expect them to be pretty considerable.

The common install size of PS4 video games is roughly 40GB, but certain titles have blown beyond that, like the 73.7 GB of Final Fantasy 7 Remake or the mind-blowing 175GB of Modern Warfare. If PS5 video games exceed that, players will run out of garage space quite quickly.


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