Sweet Tooth Reveals Robert Downey Jr’s Comic TV Show On Netflix

Sweet Tooth

Robert Downey Jr. has partnered with Netflix to publish an adaptation of the Sweet Tooth comic series. Downey Jr. was last seen at Dolittle. His first post-MCU role was box office bombing, with only $ 77 million nationwide for a large budget of $ 175 million. The actor recently appeared in The Avengers: Endgame and maybe the last Iron Man to appear.

Sweet Tooth is based on the DC Vertigo comic series by Jeff Lemire who had 40 issues between 2009 and 2013. The story left a cozy home in the forest of deer and boys, and the outside world was destroyed by catastrophic events. He decided to join a misfit group consisting of a hybrid of humans, animals, and children to find answers about this new world and its unique origins. The story is described as a combination of Mad Max and Bambi.

Sweet Tooth

Netflix has announced that it has partnered with Robert Downey Jr. to adapt the Sweet Tooth Comic Series. The streaming platform will be ordered by eight 1-hour episodes and will be developed by showrunners Jim Mickle (Hap And Leonard) and Beth Schwartz (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow). Downey Jr. doesn’t really say if Iron Man appears in the film, but it’s also rumored to appear in Marvel’s next Black Widow.

Downey Jr. has been in the MCU for many years and tends to forget his striking movie before putting himself on Tony Stark’s shoes. Actors have a great variety, switching from one genre to another and exerting sharp, comical, and dramatic skills effortlessly.

But it’s tempting to see him take on the role of producer further and expand his portfolio in new and exciting ways. This Netflix comics project sounds intriguing, to say the least. And it’s great to see the actors still sinking in the comic book group. When Sweet Tooth hits Netflix, it’s interesting to see what Downey Jr. and his creative team have for viewers.


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