“In Season 4 On The Way? MadsMikkelsen Strokes Fans Immediately After ‘Hannibal’ Heads To Netflix”

MadsMikkelsen Hannibal season 4

Fans are waiting for the fourth season of the show since the third season aired in 2015. Mads Mikkelsen teased Hannibal fans by suggesting that the fourth one of the cult show could be on the line after news came that the initial three series would be arriving on the Netflix US for the first time.

The Danish actor published a link to the news on his Instagram page, with the story linked also questioning whether a fourth series could be in the next row. The headline of the story on Netflix life, read, “Hannibal hits Netflix in June: Is Hannibal season 4 on the way? The show has made by Bryan Fuller and starred Mikkelsen as the iconic cannibalistic series killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter, got rewards for its visual style and the performances of both Mikkelsen and his co-star will Graham.

The news of a new Silence of the lamb’s sequel based on the character Clarice Starting was in the works broke earlier this year and gain backlash from Hannibal fans, who urged that there was far more demand for an upcoming series of Fuller’s show.

Once, one fan shows feelings on Twitter, “Bryan has said many times recently that he’s ready, the casts are ready, the casts are ready, and that they were just waiting for a network to pick them up.

MadsMikkelsen Hannibal season 4

Mikkelsen in 2019 expressed Bloody Disgusting, “I know Bryan is continuously on some ideas where we can find a new place for this. I also have a great feeling that everybody who was into it would happily pick up the glove one more time if that happens”.

At last, the gate is still welcoming for a possible fourth series, and the decision of Mikkelsen to share the article questioning the possibility of a fourth run seems to add fuel to the fire.


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