Run Sweetheart Run Will Now Release On Amazon Prime Video By Skipping Theatrical Release


Blumhouse’s front line film Run Sweetheart Run is prepared a little youngster who is going out on the town with a strict beast, and this is what we understand about it up until this point.

Over the rest of the decade, Blumhouse Productions has set up itself as ostensibly the ideal gracefully for dramatic blood and gore movies. Its capability to make awfulness on low funds and flip it into a colossal benefit machine is the jealousy of numerous in Hollywood, and it’s no big surprise why.

What’s The Official Release Date?

As referenced, Run Sweetheart Run – composed and coordinated by rising nonmainstream movie producer Shana Feste – held its reality ideal screening on January 27, 2020, as a piece of the observed Sundance Film Festival.

It transformed into later planned to show screen again at South with the guide of Southwest on March 13, anyway that total rivalry wound up being dropped because of the continuous Coronavirus pandemic.

Run Sweetheart Run changed into once in the past scheduled to hit famous performance centers on May 8, yet again, with cinemas wherever shut, that won’t occur. The film is direct without an organization’s release date.

Story So far

Run Sweetheart Run stars Charlie’s Angels’ Ella Balinska as Cherie, a single parent who stirs up the braveness to go out on her first date insignificant number time. Things work out in a good way from the start, as Ethan (Overlord’s Pilou Asbaek) is attractive, beguiling, and rich.

Blumhouse's front line film Run Sweetheart Run

Sadly, Cherie rapidly demonstrates the veracity of Ethan’s darker side, and to the way that he isn’t actually human. This outcome in a wait-and-see game in which Ethan seeks after Cherie all around Los Angeles, supposedly without any potential repercussions.

It’s muddled precisely what Ethan is, yet plainly, he’s incredible. Veteran TV stars Clark Gregg (Agents of SHIELD), Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad), and Shohreh Aghdashloo (The Expanse) round out the helping strong in up to now undisclosed jobs.


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