Unorthodox: Top 5 Disturbing Scenes of the Netflix series That Can Hamper Your Mental Stillness


Netflix series Unorthodox has made a lot of buzzes as the series is connected to a religious community. This is a story of a girl Esty who wants to escape from her insular orthodox Jewish community. She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The story of Unorthodox is based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography. The name of the book of Esty’s life is Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots. It was published in 2012. However, the series has some disturbing things. Here is the list of top 5 disturbing things about this series.

  1. The first disturbing thing is the incident of the shaving head of Etsy. The silence and sobs reaction of the girl while her head was shaved can disturb your mind. Her head was shaved as many orthodox communities believed that hair should be covered and only her husband is allowed to see her hair.
  2. The second disturbing scene is a fumble in the marriage night. Etsy and Yanky both were acted awkwardly and finally, she expressed her discomfort of pain.
  3. The story of the girl can also disturb your mental stillness. She had to stay with her grandparents as her mother left the orthodox community. Her father was a drunk. The scene of the Shabbat meal with her father is also a disturbing one.
  4. Another disturbing point was Yanky had to talk to her mother about the problem of their sexual life. Yanky could not ask friends or go to the internet to find a solution to his marriage life.
  5. The fourth disturbing point, I have found that the grandmother hung the phone of Etsy. This happened, even Etsy was crying on the other end of the line. The rules of the community are so poisonous that it stopped the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter especially this relationship as the girl had to stay with her grandmother for a long time. This is something horrifying to me.


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