The Continental: John Wick TV Spinoff Delayed Due To Coronavirus Outbreak


The Continental has been upset because of the proceeding coronavirus pandemic. In an ongoing meeting with THR, John Wick chief Chad Stahelski affirmed that while an essayist’s room was collected for the STARZ series, it’s immediately been postponed in view of the various shutdowns. As the producer places it, it’s one of the primary assignments he’ll come back to when Hollywood offers the thumbs up to get lower back to work.

The Continental Development Has Disrupted Due to COVID-19

I haven’t totally heard something from that side of variables considering the way that COVID started whatnot. I perceive that they had come to a considerable amount, Stahelski says.They had set up a genuine nitty-gritty way to deal with how they wanted to get it. There are as yet a couple of things left to split. Presently, I essentially don’t understand where they are. That is one of the primary issues we’ll get came back to when that is everywhere.

John Wick TV Spinoff

john wick tv

It shows up Stahelski – executive of every one of the three Wick highlights – is a lot more prominent required inside the advancement of the series when contrasted with Wick essayist and screenwriter Derek Kolstad. Recently, Kolstad toldhe turned into an official producer in name alone and diverted into totally isolated from the venture.

No, I’m not worried about The Continental that much, if by any stretch of the imagination, in a non-composing EP, because of the reality when John Wick arrived out, I’m an infant author,” Kolstad said. “That transformed into my first dramatic.

john wick show

I had done some direct to DVD and that type of stuff previously, anyway I understand almost no about that one but then I convey it my approval, because of the reality how screwing cool is that? At the point when you imagine that you can, inside the TV space, have a play area that characters from its own one of a kind region can info and exit at some random time, contingent upon the power of story, that is amazing.


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