The Haunting of Hill House Season 2: Release Date Rumors Solved


The Haunting of Hill House is a Netflix original web of America based upon anthology, supernatural, horror drama. The creator of the series is Mike Flanagan. If you haven’t watched the series yet and want to know more about the series, then you are in the right place. Here, we have pinned all the important information regarding the story, the release date, and the cast of season-2.

About Story

The story describes the scene of 1992, where the family of seven, including Huge and Olivia Crain, got shifted to their hill house for renovation. There they had to stay for a longer time because of much renovation left. There they happened to meet with a lot of paranormal things that caused a great loss to their family.

After many years, when they came back to the hill house the same tragedy again took place and they were forced to believe in the existence of supernatural powers.

The Haunting of Hill House Season 2

About the release date

This is the sequel from The Hunting of Hill House season 1. Season 1 was released on Netflix on October 12, 2018. Netflix has announced for the release of the second series on February 19, 2019, and as per the possibilities, the series seems to take place in 2020. There is no official date for the release of the series has been announced.

About the Cast

Most of the cast from season 1 are going to be back in season 2. They all have played an amazing role throughout the season 1 and has made a huge fan following of the series because of that. The names of the cast for the season 2 are:

  • Victoria Pedretti as Dani
  • Michiel Huismanand Paxton Singleton as Steven Crain,
  • Carla Guginoas Olivia Crain
  • Lulu Wilsonas Shirley Crain Harris
  • Henry Thomas as Hugh Crain
  • Kate Siegel Theodora Crain
  • Catherine Parker Poppy Hill

The other cast are also there playing their role at their best. But the names are not yet known.

The Haunting Of Hill House Season 2

About the Plot

The creator of the series, Mike Flanagan stated that the release of season 2 is going to be more frightening and threatening than the season 1. This has created more suspense and excitement among the fans of the series.

Hence, the above was the information regarding the series.


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