Best Top Five TV Shows in 2020 So Far

Tales from the Loop

 The best TV shows in 2020 are surprisingly easy to select. Why does this happen? Well, we’ve spent a great deal of time watching Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and more, without most of our out-door hobbies this year.

The best show in 2020 is a blend of big-budget science fiction dramas, surprising films, and optimistic comedies. All of the personal choices we make for the best of the top five television shows by 2020 and we will clarify every entry to see.

Westworld season 3

Where to watch it: HBO Now/Go (US), Now TV/Sky (UK)

After a controversial and ambitious second season that has played so much with the framework of the plot, Season 3 with Westworld is still heavy on shifting twists and is somewhat simpler than before. Westworld left the park this year, took Dolores to the real world, and threw new people, challenges, brilliant ideas of science fiction, and a great turn from Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

Where to watch it: Netflix

Tiger King is a compelling show about the collapse of now-imprisoned Big Cat Owner Joe Exotic and is a documentary series everyone watched lockdown. In this fascinating show, you’ll find an amazing ensemble of characters based more on the people who live in America’s big cats than the cats themselves.

I Am Not Okay With This

best show

Where to watch it: Netflix

The dreadful teen comedy of The world creator’s stranger things and death ends up as an odious combination of the two. Syd (Sophie Lillis) learns that she has telekinetic power which is a familiar but perfect metaphor for adolescent anxiety only when she’d be upset.

It is only seven episodes and you can look around for the entire courses in a comfortable night, many of them taking a 20-minute watch.

Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop cast

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video

Tales from the Loop is a contemplative, often optimistic, series of science fiction anthology about a small city above the Loop, a computer that enables all. The show focuses on Simon Stålenhag ‘s striking science-fictional art and blends two of its best: robots and the 1980s.

Middleditch & Schwartz

Middleditch & Schwartz


Where to stream it: Netflix

You know if you’re so tired-I am talking about a tired jet lag-and someone makes a funny, funny joke, which gives you about two minutes of laughter? This kind of comedy is the basis for Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz, fully improvised comedians, and sitcom shows. You are taken out of thin air and then pushed to such strange lengths that you can definitely laugh.


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