A Discovery of Witches Season 2: A Fantasy Story

A Discovery of Witches Season 2

This is a fantasy series based upon the novel “All Souls” which was written by Deborah Harness. A witch named Diana Bishop finds about a bewitched script in the Bodleian Library.

Further, she reads the script, after reading she attempts to reveal the secrets of this book which holds magical creatures, black magic, and full of vampires. So let’s dig in to some of the details about it.

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 cast

About Story

This story is a British fantasy and dram TV series which was directed by Juan Carlos Medina, Alice Troughton, and Sarah Walker. The first season was released in the year November 2018. In this story, Matthew Clairmont, a vampire, and Dina Bishop, a witch both of them maintain a very low profile in the world.

In this season they found a witch who helps Dina, and Matthew goes back 1500 years back to set everything right, both of them works together to fight against this world and they support each other.

About the release date

After getting such a great response from the fans around the world from the first season the directors and writers have decided to make a second and third season and was told in November 2018.

In January 2020 they had confirmed only little filming is left and will be going to release it soon, but the wait got longer due to this Covid-19 global pandemic. But they have confirmed that after getting out of this pandemic they will release it soon.

About Cast

The previous season cast will once again come back in this season 2 some of them are:

  • Teresa Palmer – Diana Bishop
  • Matthew Goode – Matthew Clairmont
  • Edward Bluemel – Marcus Whitmore
  • Louise Brealey – Gillian Chamberlain
  • Malin Buska – Satu Jarvinen
  • Aiysha Hart – Miriam Shephard

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 tv

What’s new in Season 2?

In this season Dina gets feeling for Mathew, as Matthew is a vampire and Dina is good character but their romantic feelings gets into troublesome.

In this season Dina will encounter with Shadow of Night along his way of Ashmole, in the way Matthew will join them on their journey. More updates will be coming up.


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