Boderlands 3: All About Action Game

Boderlands 3 gameplay

This game was developed by director Paul Sage, the publishers are 2K Games its first game was released in 2009 worldwide. This game can be played in the first person. The story is focused on 4 Vault Hunters who travel to a far planet called Pandora.

They went there to hunt down an alien, where they had advanced alien technology.

Boderlands 3

About Story

In the advanced version, they have developed a lot they have to fix the bugs problem which players had difficult while playing. Moreover, new features and characters are included.

When an enemy has killed their weapons, equipment and gear can be picked up and can be used in the game. The initial sales of the Borderland’s Series have sold more than 5 million copies were sold in just five days.

In Borderland 2 there was slag which made the enemy coated for a short time and were not been able to kill by other players, this has been removed in this part.

Boderlands 3 game

About the release date

The Gearbox Software developers have released it on 13 September 2019. Fans all over the world were very happy to see some similar faces like Gaige the genius Mechromancer from Borderlands 2.


This game can be played by first person or a group of four people, in this version various new missions and characters have been added and more gifts, redeem points and various things have been added.

In this updated version looting, and taking weapons and other loot from the dead players. Weapons range and damages have been increased and new guns have been added. You will find some of the ones you know in real life, like the popular AR-15 rifles long range, even the AK 47 is represented in-game. In this, a new feature has been added like crouch-sliding for the players.

Camera Mode

For the players playing in PC, you can press Esc or the menu button on the Xbox. After taking your photo you have the option to edit the photo and tweak it to your preference.

It can be used to change its contrast, brightness, players, it can be also used to see the damage numbers shown or can hide them, and much more is awaited.


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