List of 5 Best Popular TV show on Netflix

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Netflix becomes a very popular platform right now. There are so many series and show releases every month and year. All shows on Netflix popular but not all show are awesome. If you are looking for the top 5 show on Netflix, then you are in the right place. In this article, you are going to know the list of 5 best popular shows on Netflix. So just read this article to get all details.

13 reasons why:

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It is a very popular show on Netflix, but this series will launch its last season. In the final season, the senior class of liberty high school prepares them for graduation. You will definitely love this show because it has lots of comedy, action, secrets, and mystery.

Jeffrey Epstein: filthy rich

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The popular mysterious tycoon Jeffrey Epstein arrested in 2019. He accused women and abuse, underage girls, for many years. Because of their strong connection and money, he covers up all his crimes. In this series, you will see many secrets revealed, abuse girls, and many more. The victim tells their story and explains everything about him. This is also a trending show on Netflix.

Fuller house:

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The fuller house will release its fifth and final season. The fuller house series can take your lives in an unexpected and different direction. The DJ tanner fuller finds her in their home in her childhood with her musician, younger sister, and single mother. You can see Kimmy’s feisty family prepare for a triple wedding celebration and enjoy all memories.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

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The water, air, earth, and fire, are four nations, and one war can tear the world. Enjoy the epic saga’s 15th anniversary, avatar: the last Airbender along with this three steelbook collection. This is an animated show, and this show quickly became very popular after gaining huge popularity and fan base.

Queen of the south

Queen of the south

Teresa goes to Mexico after her boyfriend is murdered, who is a drug runner. She goes to Mexico to avenge the murder of her lover.

These were the top 5 popular series on Netflix.


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