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Ghostbusters is an American film based upon the Supernatural Comedy and Fantasy Drama. The original film of the same name Ghostbuster was released in 1984. If you are new to this movie and want to know more about the movie, then you are in an ideal place.

Here, we have provided all the information regarding the release date, the cast, and the storyline. Let’s quickly see more about the movie.

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About Storyline:

The story of the film revolves around the four women shown in the series. All the four women and their assistants seem to start a new business of the ghost in New York City. After this, many paranormal effects were seen while Abby was studying in the technical engineering college.

In the end, many Ghostbusters came and tried to save the city of New York from the other enemies, and the film ended by thanksgiving to the Ghostbusters for saving them.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, then just go and watch it now. This is one of the best never missing film.

About the Release Date

The release of the movie in the theatres of the US took place on July 15, 2016. Its first original film named Ghostbuster was released back in 1984. This remake of the Ghostbuster was a flop at the box office and was not as much entertaining as the original film.

About Cast

The cast characters in the film have played an outstanding role and was up to the mark. The characters personally have made their fan following through the film.

The names of the main characters in the film are as below:

Ghostbusters cst

Thus, this was the information regarding the film. Don’t miss to enjoy this binge-watch.


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